Fiio M9

For most Fiio Daps need little introduction.  Fiio was the pioneer of bringing high quality digital audio players to the masses with its groundbreaking X1 and has been improving its line up every since.   With listening preferences changing, the latest models now pack Bluetooth, Wifi for streaming, balanced outputs, and

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NiceHCK EP35

I purchased the EP35 at a discounted rate from NiceHCK at Jim’s recommendation.   Thoughts presented here are solely my own and I have received no guidance from the Vendor or manufacturer. Unboxing / Packaging:  The EP35 comes in the standard NiceHCK Brown lift top box with the logo and model

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Best of 2018

Well its that time of year when we look back on the best of what happened in the last year.   2018 was a great year for me.  I finally got the blog off the ground and was convinced to jump on Facebook after many a year of fighting the trend. 

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