NiceHCK M6

Introduction The M6 was recommended by Jim at NiceHCK to me suggesting it had mid-fi sound quality while maintaining a price point near the $100 mark.    This is getting to be a more crowded market segment all the time and I was interested in seeing how the M6 compared. 

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Apogee Groove

I became aware of Apogee years ago as they make one of the more popular lines of studio Analog to digital equipment and chances are pretty good at least one of your favorite recordings was made using Apogee gear.   Two things have conspired to keep me from buying their products

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TTJV – USB Disruptor

And now for something totally different.   This review caused me some consternation with deciding into which category to place it.   The USB Disruptor is a an example of USB clean-up tools that are increasing common as people learn of the issues that commonly plague USB audio and look for solutions

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