Mogco M10

Mogco M10

I was given the Mogco M10 by Gearbest in exchange for reviewing them. The thoughts here are my own and Gearbest has given me no instructions regarding this review (nor would I have listened if they had).

They are listed on Gearbest here

Package & Accessories

The packaging is really quite nice considering the sub-$20 price tag of the M10. Outside is a black fiberboard box with a paper wrap label that provides good detail about what to expect in the way of contents.

boxfront.jpg boxrear.jpg

Once the wrap is slid off, the box opens from the side and has magnets built-in to make closure more secure. Inside is a plastic form fitted tray with the earphones displayed and under the tray are extra tip sizes, a shirt clip, and the manual.


A carry case would be a nice touch, but certainly not anticipated at this price point.

Build & Materials

The earphones themselves are plastic throughout. The housing is a transparent Red plastic while the cable and strain reliefs are black and provide a nice contrast. The cable is a dark brown as is the microphone / remote which acts as the splitter as well and adds red trim to accentuate the look.


I would have stayed with black through out as there is sort of an odd transition from the strain reliefs to the cable.


The 3.5mm jack is of the TRRS type with a 45 degree angle between the cable and jack. While better than a straight in a 90 degree with a shorter profile would be less likely to get banged around.


The cable is silicone coated and soft enough that microphonics are kept to a minimum. This would be good for gym use.

The earpieces are well shaped with the nozzle being on about a 30 degree angle upward from horizontal. The nozzles are 5mm diameter with a 4mm ID so standard tips fit. The combination of shape and tip angle makes them very easy to insert and get a good seal. I found them to be very comfortable to wear for extended periods.


The remote volume buttons work on both Android (HTC M9) and I-phone (7+) devices.



Bass extension is not particularly deep but mid-bass is just huge. Bleed is quite pronounced. The bass might be good for those who love EDM but for the genres I prefer it was overbearing. I did find that the bass was somewhat source dependent and was a little cleaner with a good amp than when running off a cell phone or low-end dap. It was still thick and not very well defined but it gets down right murky when run off a cell or low powered source.


Mids are extremely recessed. They can be very hard to find due to the bass bleed. I used the EQ to remove bass from the mix to see what the mids could have been. With a healthy dose of EQ, the mids are allowed to shine through a bit. Even then, muddy, bloated, and sloppy are the best terms to define the sound.


The highs have an artificial tone that sounds almost metallic at times. Sibilance is present and the treble is both harsh and lacking extension at the same time. Sparkle and air are simply not in the description of this earphone.

In the overall, extension is not great on either end, detail is less than most and micro-detail is non-existent. Soundstage is quite claustrophobic, and instrument separation suffers as could be predicted. Sad news, considering the fit of these is extremely comfortable as long as they are turned off.