Introduction: Welcome to my blog!


It’s B9Scrambler and I’m back with a brand new blog. After struggling with Blogger and it’s elderly interface, I decided it was time to move on. Welcome! Before we jump right into the good stuff, I figured it would be important for you to get to know a little about me. This is an introduction after all.

I started my original blog as a way to get a foot into the earphone review “business”. I say “business” because this is a passion, a hobby, and not something I am paid to do. Earphones and headphones are something that I get great pleasure from using. Sharing my feelings about them in order to help others make wise purchases makes me a happy camper. So, I hope that you get some value out of reading this blog, and as a result buy some headphones that make you as happy as I am when writing this thing.

This all started with a company whose products I am still very fond of, NarMoo. NarMoo is a small earphone manufacturer out of California, headed by Tan’s Wood Comb out of China. Weird combination eh? Earphones and combs. Still, both companies make amazing products, and I have to give NarMoo massive credit for sending me my very first product to review, the R1M. Now, this product was not provided just for the sake of it. I originally contacted them offering to edit their site content in exchange for a copy  of the R1M. After that successful venture they asked if I would edit the main Tan’s site in exchange for a few of those products. Of course I agreed, and in the end received three of the nicest combs I’ve ever laid my hands on. Seriously, they are absolutely gorgeous. Handmade, hand painted, and flawlessly crafted. The good ones aren’t inexpensive, but I am happy to attest to the quality and can assure you that if you buy one of their combs (as a gift set in particular), that thing will be with you for a loooong time to come.

Now that we have that stuff out of the way, what is the purpose of this blog? Reviews. Lots and lots of headphone and earphone (mostly earphone) reviews.  For now, most of the reviews I post here will more than likely also be found over on where I write under the same handle; B9Scrambler. That is an amazing site with a wonderful, supportive community through which I have learned a metric crap ton. And yes, that is a legitimate form of measurement….somewhere.

So, let’s get started shall we?

– B9

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